Over the years WHEN has collected resources which may benefit home educators including publications on home education theory and practice. We also have a wide range of early reading materials which are classified by difficulty as well as material for all ages in a wide range of subject areas. We have recently updated to include curriculum area boxes with hands-on learning equipment.

Guide to using the library website

 1.   Follow the link can change the way you view it – top right, on either side of the highlighted view)

2.   On the left hand side select which category you want to browse in

3.   Left click on any item you want to see the loan status of (left click again for a bigger picture). If it is out it will list a location. If there is a waitlist, it will be mentioned at the bottom left of screen.

 4.   To reserve a book, email Fiona with the details and then organize pick up/drop off/ meeting place

Library Rules

  • Current WHEN financial members only
  • 3 Weeks hire period
  • One curriculum box at a time
  • By borrowing a box you accept responsibility for replacing lost or damaged pieces.
  • Please do not swap boxes with another WHEN member without contacting Ocean or Fiona.  People maybe on a wait list for the item you have.
  • Let us know if anything gets broken or there are missing pieces.